In Person

1.) How Long are Sessions?

1 hour long and we use every minute of it. Of course you can get an excellent workout in with less time but we do not want to rush when going over form, explaining exercises, nutrition and more.    

2.) What type of plan will I receive?

Most plans require about 1 hour, with 3-5 days of commitment per week. The plan you receive will be based upon your goals and how many days a week you are seeing me for training. When looking to lose weight it generally requires a greater commitment and those extra days. The more I see you, the less you will need a plan to follow on your own. If you are new to lifting I would advise seeing me a minimum of 2-3 times per week to show you different exercises, training techniques and proper form without having to rush through sessions.  

3.) What is nutrition guidance?

4.) How soon will I see results?

5.) How do i pay?

6.) What is a nutrition folder?


1.) How are Plans Delivered?

Through an app (Trainerize) or a spreadsheet printout given in person. If you are good with phone apps I highly advise using Trainerize. There are many features offered making it very user interactive. Check out the video for more details.