Private Sessions


Need to shed some weight or pack on some muscle? Tired of making excuses or just sick of feeling sluggish? This is your time! In person training gives you my full attention and we use every minute of it. Sessions are 1 hour long and can be done individually or as a small group up to 3 people. Based on your goals what you can expect from training besides building muscle and burning fat is to feel better overall, move better, have better flexibility, decrease/eliminate lingering pain, sleep better, build confidence and much more.

 Included in Each Package

  • Customized training plan
  • Nutrition guidance & accountability
  • Weekly check-ins to go over workouts and nutrition
  • Monthly progress checks for comparison


Hybrid Training

Looking to change up your current plan with the benefits of having a trainer but only want to meet a few times per month, hybrid training is right for you. MUST have prior lifting experience.  

Questions? Please view the FAQ page and do not hesitate to ask. If you are interested or ready to pursue training, click the link below!