The Future of training online

Have you noticed your results slowing down or possibly even halted? What does your current routine look like? You do not necessarily need a plan in order to succeed but having one in place, sticking to it, and changing it every once in awhile will not only help you avoid plateaus but also give you numbers to look back on and measure progress. Whether you live close or 1000 miles away through the utilization of an app (Trainerize) I am able to send workouts, communicate, keep clients motivated and much more. Plans are sold by 4 week packages with the option of a free week package to see if my custom plans are right for you. 

Included with each package is

  • Access to the Trainerize app for the length of the plan/s
  • Fully customized training plan
  • 24/7 communication with me through the chat option
  • Nutrition guidance & accountability
  • Weekly check-ins


 Have any questions please view the FAQ page and do not hesitate to ask. If you are interested or ready to pursue training, click the link below!