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Interested in personal training but live too far away too see me in person or looking have to have someone customize a plan for you? Below is a list of everything that is included with my online training programs but you have to remember, the tools I give you are only as good as you make them. Meaning what good is a plan and my help if your not going to follow it? You must stick to the plan in order to achieve results. Whether it is from me or someone else you have to stick to it. Period.  Here is everything you will receive with your online training. 


- Customized monthly training plans broken down week by week of what to do each day including exercises, sets and reps. Updated every 4-6 weeks depending on the type of plan your are following and what is working. 

- 24/7 support. Private Facebook group (currently still public). You may email or Facebook Instant Message me at any time. I will give you the details to join the group after you are signed up. 

 - You are required to check-in with me each Monday via email, text, or Facebook Messenger to let me know how the past week has gone, go over nutrition, and answer any questions you may have. Bi-weekly appointments can be placed to go over the plan and discuss food logs. For these, you may call me instead of emailing or messenger. This will also keep you motivated knowing I will be checking your progress.  


- Help with calorie control, recording calories & meals and meal planning (sticking to a caloric plan). Answer any nutrition related questions I can (limitations apply). Give you as much nutrition advice, tips, suggestions and guidance that I can.

     o  I WILL NOT prescribe diets, diagnose any possible conditions, or recommend any type of supplements.

     o  You do not have to do this but I will highly encourage you to record what you eat into the My Fitness Pal app or write it on a paper template I will give you. Food is too often the culprit of why we are not seeing results and the only way to change that is by recording. Its tough to give help when I do not know what you are doing. 

-  READ CAREFULLY: All documents and plans will be taken care of through Google Drive/ email. 

     o  If done through email, everything will be printable so that you can scan the documents and email them back to me during your bi-weekly appointment. 

     o  If you decide to do it through Google Drive, then you are most likely familiar with how that works. A folder will be created and shared with your information and each week will be checked. You will still be required to scan and email me your food log as that is a template only.


Hopefully I answer them here



*All plans are paid for in the shop after you contact me and have filled out the sign up forms*


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