In person


Individual $45 Session. Small Group (2-3) $25 Person

Sessions are 1 hour long and can be done individually or as a small group. Training in person allows us to work together more closely and give more attention where needed. We take your current routine, create a custom built plan, and focus on nutrition based on your goals, strengths, and weaknesses to help progress you further with the results you desire. Besides building muscle and burning fat, what you can expect is to feel better overall, move better, have better flexibility, decrease/eliminate lingering pain, sleep better, build confidence and much more. *When working in pairs or a small group similar goals are required or the purpose of training and the plan will not be as effective.* Contact me to sign up or receive more information about training and available times

Group Classes


Classes are 1 hour long. $10 Per. *First come first serve*

Interested in personal training or on a budget? Join other like minded individuals and me for a killer hour long workout along with technique assistance if needed. Classes follow a circuit based style with the goal being a full body workout while incorporating cardio each time. If your schedule allows for it, I highly advise coming and giving class a try. Just one and you will be hooked! Be sure to check whether the class time offered is for a beginner or intermediate training style so you can sign up for the one that fits you best. Classes are offered the same time each week unless noted otherwise.



Currently all plans will made for at home. $30

***Due to recent conditions all plans will be made for 4 weeks due to not knowing how long gyms will be closed for. Plans will still be customized, just let me know what you have to work with at the house. Check-ins will still be done once a week via email. Any day is fine. In the message box, please put your age, what equipment you have available, if you have any injuries or movements that cannot be performed and how many days a week you plan to workout. Online payments links will be shown in thank you message. Payments can be made through paypal, cashapp, and venmo which can be found after signing up. ***

Training online is a great way to work with a trainer if you do not have the availability to meet in person, live too far away or feel comfortable following a plan and want to save some money. Online plans are fully customized for you. We figure out what equipment you have available and design a plan that works best for you. Check-ins will be done on a weekly basis every Monday to see how the plan is going and make necessary changes. These can be done anytime during the day via sending me an email.