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Personal Training Services

1 on 1 & Small Group


Getting started? Lacking Motivation? Whether it is just you and I or you have a partner or two with you, I am going to show you that fitness is not only highly rewarding but very enjoyable as well. Perhaps you plateau or maybe just need help with form? Sessions are sold individually with the option of 4 at a discount with no contract or automatic renewal. 

Custom Online Only


How effective is your current workout plan? Are you seeing the results you should be seeing or has your routine been the same for months now and it seems as though everything has halted? A proper plan and changing things up every so often keeps the body adapting allowing for continued growth. Save time in the gym and keep your workouts fresh with a fully customized plan and weekly progress check-ins.   



With hybrid training you get a customized plan and choose to see me 1x or 2x a month in person. Since you are comfortable working out and following a plan this time would be used to check progress, take measurements, go over any help with form you need, learn new exercises, etc., and go over whatever is needed to help you achieve your goals.