A Little Bit About Me

I am not a perfect trainer nor am I perfect at everything I do. In fact, I am a lot more relatable to you guys than you think. I have plenty of my own struggles and not everyday is perfect but I do not let that stop me from staying in the best shape that I can be. I want to prove to you that even on stressful and hard days that you have what it takes to still makes changes and meet your goals as well. I have been a personal trainer for almost two years now with certifications in training, nutrition and a Bachelor's degree in food and environmental nutrition (which took me almost 7 years to get because I couldn't make my mind up. So I get it). I am very understanding and do not force clients to do anything they are uncomfortable with. Not everyone wants to be trained the same and for those who are intimidated or think that working is not for them, I would like the chance to show them otherwise.