A Quick Insight

Stop Overthinking Things!


Fitness truly is not rocket science, yet there is so much information out there (good & bad) that it's starting to feel like you need a Ph.D. in order to lose 5 pounds. It is very easy to get caught up in all the fad diets, social media stars, next big fat loss program, miss-information and more. I am here to show you otherwise and that if you are willing to put the time and hard work in that you truly can change and that there is no shortcut. I did say hard work and that is what the "secret" is. On top of training you towards your goals I am also going to help educate you in fitness and even more in nutrition, food science and marketing so that you will know information to stay away from and make better health decisions. 

Struggling With Motivation?


  We all are! Even the most dedicated of people have off days. There are a lot of things that can happen in life that will un-motivate someone, but what good is that going to do your body and goals? Many find hiring a trainer unnecessary yet these people have never worked out or say "they did everything they could", find themselves getting hurt, hitting platues, quitting and are back to square one. A good trainer will keep you motivated and I do exactly that. Many trainers are only in it for the money and do not bother to make sure their clients are following the plan. Not only are my plans cheaper than most but have to check in with me each week and we will go over the plan and make alterations if need be. No matter what your struggle is we will figure it out together, tackle it and turn those weaknesses into strengths. 

Act Now Before You Regret It.


Of course you do not have to hire me or any other trainer for you to meet your goals and that is 100% correct, but everyone else is not you. What good is a fitness plan if your not going to stick to it?  If you seriously struggle with your workouts, lack motivation or just can't find the motivation to get started, I would consider hiring the training that is right for you. Hiring me you get anything but easy. That does not mean I am going to make your plans extremely difficult but why else would you hire me? It should be challenging. I am going to have you challenge yourself while not only showing you that you are capable of doing it but also because I want to see you succeed towards your goals. I will take the boredom out of your workout with personalized plans, shake up a stale routine and help you stay the course. 

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